Is your Xbox 360 an E74 victim?

Joystiq writes,

"Considering the Red Ring of Death (to put it kindly) debacle, we're going to be extremely careful with what we say here. We're starting to see and receive numerous reports from readers, friends and in forums like this of Xbox 360s becoming the victims of an error labeled by the console as "E74." We've received only a few of these reports (two in '07; one in '08) prior to the recent barrage of complaints. When contacted, a Microsoft rep told Joystiq she wasn't familiar with the problem (the company is currently looking into it), so here's what we've been able to piece together by ourselves..."

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PirateThom3501d ago

Not sure how it's NXE related. Software can't cause hardware failure.

Here's a wild thought... could it be the 360 hardware, and I know this sounds crazy, is just crap?

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3501d ago

No my 360 is a victim of exclusive flops like Failo 3,Tears of Whore 2 and Race Flop