GamerTM: Venetica First Look Preview

GamerTM writes: "We don't tend to dwell on the appearance of the Grim Reaper much because it's too morbid a consideration (though we swear to God that he hangs about the 360 Gamer offices for shits and giggles). However, if pushed, we'd guess that he's an ugly little sod with little (if any) corporeal flesh hanging off his aging skeleton. This being the case, we'd also find it difficult to believe that when not reaping souls the Grim Reaper engages in a little speed dating or goes out on the lash and actually manages to pull. (Imagine what she'd have to look like to surrender to the charms of a man (thing?) that makes John Merrick look like Adonis?) And, given his lack of flesh, how would he manage to, er, bone her?"

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