MotorStorm: Building Monument Valley

When MotorStorm was first unveiled at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2005, it demonstrated a new level of detail for racing environments and gave us some idea of what we could look forward to on next-generation hardware. The dirt tracks that populate the game take their cue from the famous Monument Valley in Utah, North America. With a mix of dirt surfaces, sweeping canyons, and rock formations, the immense area should be a familiar sight to people who have seen such films as Back to the Future III and Thelma & Louise. While it was also featured in Namco's first Tekken game, this area hasn't been used so extensively as a backdrop for a game, let alone modelled in as much detail, as it is in MotorStorm.

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D R Fz4261d ago

for the amount of effort they put into the track constructions. Simply amazing.