Target receives new PS3 SKU to release after GDC

According to a reader tip, Target stores are receiving a brand new PS3 SKU. The DPCI item number for the new product is 207-23-0009 and it will be available on March 29, a few days after the end of Game Developer's Conference.

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interrergator3528d ago

oooooooo nice if it came with killzone 2 then that would be awsome

Shadow Flare3528d ago

This backs up the eb games rumour. Im telling you, this price cut is the turning point. PS3 fans, here we go. Just watch the weekly hardware sales. Watch them change


Blu-Ray less PS3 yay! /sarcasm

Cryos3528d ago

it's interesting the differences with the games that are included in a PS3 bundle compared to a 360 bundle

sonarus3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

New SKU retails for 399 still just bundles up 2yr old games...LAME

Panthers3528d ago

@2. Why would PS3 fans care if they already own one? I dont care about a price cut because I already own one.

soxfan20053528d ago

The article says that the bundle will still sell for $399 - it's not a price drop. Bundling older games really costs Sony nothing because those games have already made their money for Sony while they were full priced. MS did the same thing when they bundled Forza 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance with the 360 in late 2007.

SoapShoes3528d ago

How does this back up the EB rumor? It's an 80 gig for $399. Had it been a 160 gig it definitely would have backed it up, but why release a bundle on the standard model at the same price and not lower the 160 gig? Although the bundle is nice, it's the equivalent of one brand new game at $60.

kwicksandz3528d ago

That is an exceedingly poor bundle. How about the sequels to both those games and some HD cables? its 2009 not 06 people have HDTVS now.

Cryos3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

it's not a bad bundle.

It has 2 of the PS3's most popular titles.
Because both titles are entry level titles with sequels out, it will entice the NEW PS3 owners (that's right, existing owners probably won't buy this bundle) to go out and possibly buy the sequels.

It's MUCH better than the 360 bundling games like Kung-Fu Panda (meta: 75)and Lego: Indiana Jones (meta: 77) or even worse, Sega Superstar Tennis (meta: 67)

Sony's bundles include R:FOM (meta: 86) Motorstorm (meta: 82) Uncharted (meta: 88) MGS4 (meta: 94)

360's better bundles. RE5 (meta: 85) and Forza2 (meta: 90) with Marvel: UA (meta: 83) but it seems like they only do this good bundle thing temporarily.

can't believe I forgot MS's best bundle, the Halo 3 bundle. lol meta: 94

cayal3527d ago

"Why would PS3 fans care if they already own one? I dont care about a price cut because I already own one."

I was about to post the same thing.

rockleex3527d ago

Sony better advertise the price cut!

Show an awesome advertisement for Killzone 2 and Motorstorm Pacific Rift displaying the 4 player splitscreen mayhem, then at the end "only for $299."

Then another one aimed at the casuals. Show Little Big Planet, show MLB 09, show Playstation Home as a social virtual world, show Bluray, then at the end "only for $299... and its free to play online." ^_^

Masta_fro3527d ago

if this is true then you can stop expecting a price drop this month.

Unless Sony brings back the 40gb ps3 at 299, there's absolutely no way a price drop is happening.

Think about it....what else are they gonna do? an 80gb ps3 at 299 would be stupid because the price of the two games combined is still NOT 100 dollars.

And what about the 160gb model? 399 with no uncharted?

jesus christ...
Id be happy with a freaking 10GB PS3 at 299...i could just upgrade the hard drive myself!

Lifendz3527d ago

1 USB slot. I'm sure the cell and blu-ray drives are cheaper to manufacture. Maybe take out Wifi if it would help get the price down. Include an HDMI cable and possibly a 10.00 PSN card. Advertise it as 299.99.

Run a series of ads showing two guys getting two different systems that sell for 299.99. One is a PS3 the other is a 360. Show the guy that gets the PS3 going home, pluging in his ethernet cable, and playing games online right then and there.

Show the other guy paying 299.99, then having to pay an additional 49.99 to play games online.

Can work these ads for awhile. Show the same two guys going to pick up games and one of them picking up a blu-ray movie. The 360 owner can ask the other guy when he got a blu-ray player and the PS3 owner can say...well you already know.

Sit back and watch the money roll in. I'm sure you can't say the 360 by name or even show it in the ad, but you could imply that's the system owned without ever mentioning it by name.

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Jager3528d ago

First, there was that leak from EB of the price cut today, now Target showing a new SKU.. maybe this price cut IS real.. who knows, we'll see in a bit.

Johnny Rotten3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

The EB leak was the 80gb for $300, this shows the 80gb with 2 games for $400.The Target one has a photo so I would have to believe this one more.

The EB release date is said to be March 22nd, and this one is said to be March 29th.

Jager3528d ago

As i said, Who knows? We will see come GDC.

DavidMacDougall3528d ago

I seen a ps3(80GB)with 2 games for 310 pounds, im in the UK.

I paid like 450 or something last year for mine can't wait to see the price next year lol

SL1M DADDY3528d ago

That lately, the developers have been vocal about the PS3's price and how they would like it to be lower. It would only be fitting to hear Sony announce to the devs at GDC their plans for an immediate price cut. I can imagine what a price cut will do for sales especially since the PS3 sells so well at such a high price point right now.

soxfan20053528d ago

The EB leak seemed to be just heresay - someone overheard an EB employee tell a customer something. Nothing was on paper. The Target leak seems to have some evidence to back it up.

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J-Train3528d ago

no bluray!!!

i kid, i kid

Sarcasm3528d ago

Yup so it can sell right next to the PS2's with no disc drives.


-EvoAnubis-3528d ago

Hmm. Quite cool. This, to me, adds to the validity of the rumored price drop. Drop the price of the console itself $100, and then put out another SKU with a couple of games at the original price. Makes sense to me.

PirateThom3528d ago

I'll add to this.

Clear stock of the standalone unit at $300.
Once that clear reduce the price of the bundled game unit to $300, again, clear the stock and bring back the standlone with smaller/cooler chips at $300 (the components are supposed to see a die reduction this year, correct?

joydestroy3528d ago


that would be some sick marketing right there dude! if they did that, i could see Sony catching M$ when comparing sales of both consoles.

pwnsause3528d ago

thats what I was thinking. that rumored Price drop i believe might do that.

ONYX7373528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

This seems like a way for Sony to sell a few more ps3s at the $400 price. like they have done before with the ps1 and ps2 in the past.this makes me believe in a price drop even more.

edit: @ EvoAnubis, You beat me to the punch :)

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