Q&A: Stormrise devs on building a console RTS

Creative Assembly's Ken Turner chats about the high expectations surrounding Stormrise, the challenges of building a console RTS, and what we can expect when the game is released at the end of this month.

Console real-time strategy games have been enjoying somewhat of a resurgence of late, with Stormrise--a postapocalyptic game developed by Creative Assembly's Australian studio (whose past credits include Medieval II: Total War)--the next in line to come out. We spoke to Ken Turner, project director on Stormrise (and the man behind the initial concept) to see what challenges the Aussie team faced in building a console RTS, what gamers can look forward to with Stormrise's simple control scheme, hints of upcoming downloadable content, and what PC fans can expect from their version.

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Hallucinate3598d ago

is this the ps3 exclusive RTS? or is this some other one

kwyjibo3598d ago

I didn't think there was a PS3 exclusive RTS, unless Sony's first parties are cooking something up.

This is multi-platform.

Chubear3598d ago

there was an exclusive RTS title coming for the PS3 but I've not heard much of it all for 3yrs now. It was called "THE WALL" place holder name for sure but it seemed like it would be very interesting cause these PS3 exclusives always seem to take things to very high levels of quality.

Panthers3598d ago

THere is an exclusive RTS for PS3 that I saw a story on here not too long ago, but I cant remember the name.

free2game3653598d ago

Why in the hell would someone make a console exclusive RTS?

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RadientFlux3598d ago

Interesting interview, though after reading a preview of the game over the weekend. Which mentioned a steep learning curve and having to work around the camera. I'm going to give this game a rent before I decided on purchasing.

Though since the developer is Creative Assembly I am sure the battles will be epic in scale.

Chubear3598d ago

I've got to see what they did with the controls cause to me Endwars definitly presented a mold that I think is the best for console RTSs and I'm not talking about Voice Command either.

The way Endwars gives you multiple ways to give orders on the fly and navigate your troops seamlessly via a controller was incredibly fluid. If Sega have found a way to top that then it'll be awesome but I just dont' see it. This wipp thing sounds like it's like Endwar's Hotswap.

I just liked the way you had multiple ways to select your troops or mulitiples of troops from anywhere on the battle field and give them orders for anything from anywhere.