Gamezebo: Wizard 101

Gamezebo writes: "It remains to be seen if a Harry Potter virtual world will ever see the light of day, but even without Mr. Potter and the Weasleys nothing says we can't all be the wizard (or witch) of our dreams. Let's face it, we all dream of it at some level or another. You can deny it but the sheer popularity of The Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Narnia and countless other tales proves that a leetle part of you loves magic. KingsIsle's Wizard 101 delivers in grandiose style on those yearnings for the mage in all of us.

Set in the fictitious school of Ravenwood's School of Magic, you begin your journey as a novice mage. There are seven schools to choose from: Storm, Fire, Life, Myth, Life, Death and Balance. A short questionnaire at the beginning to determine your personality type will help place you where you are best suited, but you can choose any school you wish. A bit of character customization including your initiate's robe colors and you're off! It's into the world of magic for you."

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