Gamebosh Review: Heatseeker

Heatseeker puts you in the role of Mike 'Downtown' Hudson and his wingman Hank 'Divot' Harrison, who fly around in high powered International Council jets taking down terrorists, whether they be on land, in the air or by sea. Some missions merely require you to analyze suspicious targets, like cargo ships and random aircraft, but more often than not your role is to lock on to an enemy and blast them out of the sky - with a possible forty weapons and thirty different jets at your disposal.

The game is most assuredly not a realistic simulation of piloting a fighter jet, and it's not supposed to be either. The idea here is more an arcade, Afterburner-style thrill ride, where all you need to know is how fast you're going and what direction you should point your cockpit in to catch the bad guys. The control options are fairly basic: your jet steers by pointing the Wii remote to go left or right, or alternately the 'professional' controller configuration lets you rotate your jet by rotating the remote clockwise or anti-clockwise.

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