Gamebosh Review: Deadly Creatures

Crawling through the brush, you take control of a Tarantula and fight your way through Salamanders and spider-eating Hornets, as you stalk various prey back to their lair. Along your path you sometimes come in contact with two rednecks called Struggs and Wade (voiced by Billy Bob Thornton and Dennis Hopper), who are in the desert searching for gold they think was hidden during the Civil War.

From level to level the player alternates control between the stealthy Tarantula and the more action-orientated Scorpion, although there's roughly the same amount of fighting to do with either (each creature has their own style). Collect hidden grubs for health and when you've eaten a certain number, it'll unlock stronger attack moves and six concept art galleries. Eating the rarer green cricket boosts your health and also expands your health bar so you can take more damage.

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