Jaffe: Metal Gear Solid Story "Ham Fisted"

The twisted storyline of Metal Gear Solid might be beloved of many gamers, but not so much for outspoken God of War creator, David Jaffe. While he has professed his love for the series, he called the story "ham-fisted", going on to call the plot of Gears of War 2 (which he calls his game of 2008) a rip-off of Aliens.

Speaking in an LAGTV interview about why video game movies are generally pretty turd, Jaffe said, "Metal Gear's one of my favourite series of all time, but if you really just strip the gameplay and the graphics out of Metal Gear and you just look at it as a story, it's a really ham-fisted, kind of cheesy story.

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butbutbuttehcell3528d ago

Jaffe when was the last great game you did? 4 years ago? So your input is kinda moot. Have you even made several good games? No? Just the one?! So for the last four years you've done nothing great so what makes you think you have the right to criticize other games? You're opinion is about a valuable as your face is handsome.

Pennywise3528d ago

Well said. Beginning of this gen, Jaffe talking sparked excitement... but this far into the game, I think its getting old.

Make a game and shut up... and lose the hat, Gilligan.

TheHater3528d ago

I am guessing you didn't watching the video base on your idiotic reaction. Watch the video, and you will notice how this "article" spin the things he said out of context.

MasFlowKiller3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

but most story in games are really really dumb down, its like there trying to feed it to us with a spoon, or its non existence

I know the Metal Gear Games are hard to follow, but if u played every game then it pays off, it actually feel rewording, plus super fun gameplay doesnt hurt the experience

TheTwelve3528d ago

The MGS storyline is like Code Geass...really good, but you have to swallow some things which are rather hard to believe.


LiquifiedArt3528d ago

This is exactly what is wrong with the internet. Your taking what he said out of context.

He was talking about how IN COMPARISON to a movie, once you strip modern day games of their gameplay they are all very derivative from existing movie plots.

Muggles3528d ago

Not much from him either since Earthworm Jim almost 20 years ago and he still blesses us with his opinions all the time.

LeonSKennedy4Life3528d ago

He has made 5 really good games...

- Twisted Metal
- Twisted Metal 2
- God of War
- War of the Monsters
- Calling All Cars!


SevWolf3528d ago

You beat me to that post, I was just about to write it. I enjoy Jaffe's blog he actually has very interesting point, and like liquified said you have to watch the whole thing, I partially disagree the MGS story is amazing to me, but its the man's opinion and he's entitled to it, its just st*pid as* morons who take his words and turn them to headlines and lies, actually if you watched the videos he talks about how many journalist like kotaku have done that to him and many others

-PINNER-3528d ago

don't forget twisted metal black

xabmol3528d ago

I didn't know that. WotM was an awesome game. He also made Mickey Mania on the SNES, another awesome game. But why does this guy talk so much?

Sharpshell3528d ago

Jaffe does a great job creating a game series concept,but doesn't make what will eventualy be the amsterpeice of the series, I am specifically thinking of Twisted Metal Black... heres hoping that God of War 3 will pull off the same thing

Megaton3528d ago

Jaffe's words being spun into oblivion again. Good job internet, keep up the ace journalism.

xionpunk3528d ago

Well c'mon, he's got a point. I'm a HUGE Metal Gear fan and I love the story but it has some extremely cheesy elements. I love those elements in the context of Metal Gear and the world Kojima created. Do I want them in movie form ? No way. The story needs to be scaled back and more focused if it is to be a good movie. But as a game story I wouldn't change a thing.

jadenkorri3528d ago

don't mentioned metal gear movie...uwe boll might get an idea...

JoySticksFTW3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

He actually says Good Guess!

Heck Yeah! :D


uuhh, erm, uh... did anyone happen to watch the interview all the way through? And see the last few minutes of the third section?

Uncomfortable.... D8

Now I like GoW and TM as much as the next guy, but Dave got his panties in a bunch those last few minutes. jeez...

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sinncross3528d ago

I personally don't like the direction the story of MGS took with 4.

It went from logical/ supernatural to just being logical. Everything had to have an explanation for no reason, and most of the time is was a stupid revelation.
Especially the thing with Vamp... the truth behind him still doesn't help explain all the things he did in MGS2.

I also thought the story was rushed... had a lot of high moments though.

I still find MGS and MGS2 to be the best in the series.

callahan093528d ago

Are you forgetting that Metal Gear Solid 2 was actually the game that took it to the extremes of logic? Everything was logical & scientific, even what seemed at first to be supernatural. It was a big speech at the end where Ocelot was talking about Fortune's inability to die and what that meant, and how it was all just this scientific, natural thing, and it actually had nothing at all to do with her being supernaturally "forunate." The only supernatural loose ends left at the end of MGS2 were Vamp's nature and Liquid's arm taking over Ocelot: both of which were explained in the story of MGS4, tying together the plot threads that started in Sons of Liberty with everything being explainable, nothing supernatural. That's part of the brilliance of the fourth game, in my opinion, is that it takes the themes of the series and explains them, leaving no stone unturned while being faithful to everything that came before it. It was the ultimate conclusion with the perfect dose of fan service.

JoySticksFTW3528d ago

The Sorrow
The Pain
Ultra old The End
Volgin's lightning

I don't remember any logical explanation for them. Anyone?

I don't know if you played MGS3, but you owe it to yourself as a MGS fan. You just might have a new favorite ;P

Tiberium3528d ago

Mgs3 had the best story in my opinion. mgs2 was so insanely melodramatic. And otacon was the biggest crybaby of them all. And wtf was up with raiden running around naked.

DavidMacDougall3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

He says..

"If you remove all the action and just leave the story from all the games its hamfisted and cheesy"

...which can be said for any game

LMFAO at the end he just goes for that idiot

Fishy Fingers3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

There's a whole lot more to this interview than the small piece the contributor choose to use as the headline.

Watch it. I found it to be a good interview, regarding the MGS business, each to their own.

Nineball21123528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

With all due respect Fishy, I just didn't feel like the title "My LAGTV.COM interview..." was all that great.

I saw the article at (the via link) and that was their title, so I decided to go with that one. Maybe I shouldn't have... but it's a better title then "My interview", imo.

And I actually really like the MGS storyline/series. Yeah, it's a bit "out there", but that's what video games are for. To tell us "fantastical" stories and to make us suspend belief for a while.

Fishy Fingers3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

I'm not suggesting there is something underhand about the headline, and like you said, the source title doesnt really give you much to go on. It was a good angle to take on your part. I'm just saying this is a 30 minute interview and we'll get 100 comments focused on 20 seconds of it. When there is a lot of interesting stuff in there.

Nineball21123528d ago

I agree with you 100% Fishy. Most attention spans are very short, which is a shame.

+ bubbles for the comments.

no-spin3528d ago

i saw the 3 videos, and of all the things he said you choose that headline?
You are an example of the problem with journalism, totally misleading title. trying to imitate the HHG?

Nineball21123528d ago

Right, because I'm a journalist. And by submitting stories on N4G, I contribute to "journalism" and journalistic integrity. /sarc

C'mon, lighten up, Francis. The title is focusing on one aspect of the videos, but it's not the end of the world.

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BGDad3528d ago

I can maybe understand if you were fishing or even outside but I think you have gone to far.

As far as stories in games in general they are all horrible. They suck, if you took away the action from any game and just left the story Im not sure even kids would sit through it.

I skipped the cut scenes, and just played the game and loved it. But then again I do that in most games. One game i did not however was god of war 1 and 2. Go figure.

Pennywise3528d ago

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