GameBosh Review: World Championship Off Road Racing

The sunny, rocky terrain of Baja, California is the setting for this particular brand of racing. As it's 'off road', your choice of vehicle is split between dirt bikes, ATVs (as in four wheeled buggy), Tomcars and Trophy Trucks that can get you across the muddy, hilly, boulder-strewn circuits and endurance regionals.

The nuts and bolts approach offers a large choice in each class of vehicle that becomes unlocked after each race, but any other options such as multi-player or online play are notably absent. That said, W.C.O.R.R is a great racing game with many different cars and bikes, each with their individual strengths. All too often the vehicles in games drive the same even though they aren't supposed to, but here a lot of work has obviously gone into the handling of each one.

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