Cybercop: No Good Reason For Adults to Own Animal Crossing

Gamepolitics: Law enforcement is an increasingly challenging job, so GP likes to see police officers well trained and well-informed.

Moreover, with an uptick in the number of incidents in which alleged pedophiles have made contact with their victims through online games, this is clearly a venue that the police need to be able to understand and deal with effectively when the need arises.

That being said, we hope these comments by an investigator with the Mid-Missouri Internet Crimes Task Force were somehow misquoted or taken out of context:

"There is no reason an adult should have [Animal Crossing: City Folk]," says Andy Anderson, Mid-Missouri Internet Crimes Task Force.

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FreestyleBarnacle3502d ago

From what I hear there is no reason for anyone to have Animal Crossing City Folk.
Oooh, snap!

slave2Dcontroller3501d ago

What you hear is true....veerrrry true.

LBD_Nytetrayn3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

...if you've never played Animal Crossing before, or perhaps only dabbled, then it's definitely the best version available.

But if you've played either or both of the past two, and done a lot in them, you're probably going to find yourself wanting.

I find the comparison best to Street Fighter II. Barring the NES games, the Cube game is SFII, Wild World is SFII Turbo, and City Folk is basically Super SFII; if you were going to start anywhere, this is the best place, but if you've been hardcore since the start, you're probably not going to see as much value in it.

Of course, this is all provided that Animal Crossing is even right for the person playing to begin with.

Sharpshell3501d ago

I just imagined a future where not only are 17 year olds arrested for playing M-rated games (without having even done anyhting yet) but adults are arrested for owning LBP or Animal Crossing. And then their are underground movements playing these "forbiden" games. Hillarious.

slave2Dcontroller3501d ago

I'd be in jail right now. I own LBP and Animal Crossing; City Folks. Althought I love LBP, Animal Crossing;CF is nothing but a straight Gamecube port with a crappy city tacked on. Buying this game was a crime and I should be sentenced to death for ever wanting it.

LBD_Nytetrayn3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

@Slave2DController: Same here, most of the games I play are your Mario/Zelda/Donkey Kong/Banjo/Sonic (sometimes)/Mega Man kinds of stuff, and Animal Crossing fits right in there.

@Sharpshell: Hilarious, but kinda scary, too. Someone should write a movie about that. Or a TV show.

Substance3501d ago

I heard so much hype from everyone about Animal Crossing, so I bought the game for the Gamecube. Played the game for an hour and realized that it was the worse game I have ever played. It even actually made me feel weird. Never touched it again. I did give that game to my niece and she loves it.

hatchimatchi3501d ago

not necessarily for the article but for animal crossing being an awful game. I bought the first for the gamecube thinking it'd be great, wow. What a mistake. At least it came with memory card though. Then i made the mistake of buying city folk, why? I have no idea, what a worthless game. The city is beyond pointless and it really is just a port of the gamecube game with a rotating view like the ds version. Never again nintendo will i buy an animal crossing game.

LBD_Nytetrayn3501d ago

In fairness to the first, you can at least unlock a nice little library of NES games, which was a big draw for a lot of people... and, subsequently, turned off people to the sequels when there was a lack of said games.