WorthPlaying: Patapon 2 Preview

WorthPlaying writes: "Patapon for the PSP introduced the most desirable trick in portable games: simple game mechanics that can be played deep, for as little as 15 minutes or as long as several hours. When Patapon 2 arrives in a couple of months, Japan Studio will bring additional features and content to fans of the original.

Like Patapon, this sequel showcases the PSP developer's uncomplicated yet sublimely sophisticated approach to game graphics. Patapon 2 is, with the exception of some load and menu screens, all line art filled in muted colors. In fact, Patapon 2 looks a lot like a graphic novel, which is hardly an unfavorable comparison these days. Highly stylized graphics suit this title far more than jaw-dropper images. As you quickly get into the game behind the graphics, you'll find the visuals to be mere road signs to your mission progress."

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