China Tightens Up On Imported Online Games

China's General Administration of Press and Publication is to be stricter on online games from other cultures, it emerged today.

The GAPP will be looking at the approval criteria of online games to ensure that the gaming youth of China is not overly exposed to foreign cultures, especially in the case of highly popular games such as Blizzard's World of Warcraft.

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Leord3528d ago

Bloody hell. It's so ironic that such a mundane thing as videogame rules really opens up the eyes of westerners (well, gamers at least) on what type of country China really is!

Cogo3528d ago

Yeah, you kind of start to understand that they live in a completely different mind set. You also get kind of sceptical about west pushing so much money into China as well. Do we really WANT them to be a new super power? They will more or less be the ONLY super power in the current situation with Bush screwing over USA for 8 years..

Well, they asked for it, but still...

Dorjan3528d ago

China is China, they always will be.

Cogo3528d ago

Hundreds of hundreds of years of islolation (well, besides a few wars with Japan) sets their mark...

Maticus3528d ago

So they're doing the censorship equivalent of putting their fingers in their ears and singing loudly?

Leord3528d ago

Yeah, fortunately, they have internet, and proxies etc. People who want to get certain games, probably can. I just hope that the people that do look outside the Chinese borders, and realize their government is talking lots of BS is as large as humanly possible.

AndyA3528d ago

Surprised they're only looking at online games.

Leord3528d ago

I'm pretty sure it's ALL culture. Just because you're a gamer, and mainly read gamer news does not mean it's just games that are being prohibited or censored....

Cogo3528d ago

Well, it might actually be more a situation of the fact that video games are so much mroe immersive. It's very easy to censor a film or the like, but video games will have very much content that is not apparent from the first second.

I would almost say they are afraid of it...

helrazor3433527d ago

and @Leord, I agree it probably is cultural, and like many other cultures their own identity is very important to them. Its not like they were completely closing themselves off to outside (western) influence, just limiting how much they're exposed to.