Do Boy Gamers Hate Girl Gamers?

From : "When we play with a group of people for so long we forget how the overall community reacts to certain things. I've come across many men who claim that women being treated differently in the gaming community is simply a "myth." I recently spoke with a handful of my gaming girl friends to get stories about their experiences in a male dominated world."

THAMMER16182d ago

My wife is a gamer. So is my 3-year-old little girl. If any guy has a problem with girl gamers he has a problem with him self. It just is so fun when you have a girl on your squad that kicks ass.

Marriot VP6182d ago

In that case I hate those girl gamers, lol just kidding

Sphinx6182d ago

my wife will play some, and any chick that loves videogames is a 10 in my book!

Guttersnype6182d ago

My girlfriend loves her DS. Plus I've met a few girl gamers on Live. There all cool. Anyone that has a problem with them is clearly not hetero.

GTProwler6182d ago

I love girl gamers, except for fat ones, dont mean to offend anybody but instead of playing alot they should go to Gym more just like fat guys.