IncGamers: The End of MMO Worlds

IncGamers Tim McDonald and Belinda Vaughn ask what would happen if your MMO world were to close.

"Nothing lasts forever, something we humans are finding harder to comprehend by the day. For instance, I can't imagine a time when the site of my home, currently a newly-built estate, will be abandoned as the coastline of south west England recedes further inland, or when the sun will eventually swell in the throes of death, slowly engulfing the earth and the rest of the planets in our solar system."

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Leord3505d ago

Hm, some very good points there. When the water (players) recedes, the Mansion (WoW) will be abandoned ;)

Dorjan3505d ago

Dang... Such a depressing thought... FFXI will be alive forever!!!

Leord3505d ago

Hehe, yeah, that's likely =)

Maticus3505d ago

Not even atoms last forever, eventually there will not even be dust left.

Leord3505d ago

Even though we replace all atoms in our bodies over a period of years, we still retain thoughts and personality (to some degree, anyway, we all change). Atoms are not the be all and end all ;)

Well, eventually there will be an end all, when all atoms have disintegrated, but that's a very long time away, isn't it?

AndyA3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

I'd like to think that the community aspect will keep at least some players together when a game world dies.