WorthPlaying: Nobunaga's Ambition: Iron Triangle Review

WorthPlaying writes: "Strategy games often end up working very heavily in the abstract, with a game representing a single battle in detail as a scenario, such as Warcraft and every game in the umbrella that's formed around it. Less frequently, a work goes out and handles battles only abstractly, instead emphasizing the building and maintenance of an entire society, such as Sid Meier's classic Civilization series. Only rarely do we see a game that tries to handle both scales effectively together, and most frequently, when it's done well, it's done by Koei. The company's staff seems to consist of black belts in the art of sequels, with their seminal Romance of the Three Kingdoms series now going on 11 games that cover the same era of Chinese history and Dynasty Warriors reaching insane counts with its Samurai Warriors and Gundam spin-offs, Warriors Orochi crossover and ludicrous number of ports."

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