Sony Giving Away WipEout HD For Free?

A promotion is apparently being held by Sony in Austria, where you get a redeemable voucher to download WipEout HD off the Austrian PSN store for free.

All that is required is to simply register an Austrian PSN account, the promotion is said to have started yesterday (March 16th) and will finish on April 18th.

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PirateThom5567d ago

Anyone have any addresses for Austria? :P

RedMist115567d ago

After a quick Google, I have moved to 'Restaurant Makedonija' ;)

Worth a shot for a free game, only takes a few minutes to register an account anyway.

Johnny Rotten5567d ago (Edited 5567d ago )

Boart Longyear Asia Pacific
919-929 Marion Road
Mitchell Park,
South Australia 5043

Tel: 618-8375-8375
Fax: 618-8377-0539

This is the address to the company that just laid me off :(
but I might be called back because the plant in Australia will be shut down at the end of this month.

Cronnie5567d ago

Mate, that is Australia, completely different country :P

Oh, and sorry to hear that :(

Johnny Rotten5567d ago

oops!! I saw Austria and right away thought of my ex-company in Australia lol

Oh well if anybody wants an Australia account there you go!

Ju5567d ago

Oachkatzlschwoaf == Austria. LOL.

Ju5567d ago (Edited 5567d ago )

Nah, Arnold == Kalifornia :) (can you read my accent ?)

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xg-ei8ht5567d ago

yep i'll be getting one tonight, rofl.

jaybdemented5567d ago

crap. i already got it. great game.

bloop5567d ago

Yeah, bought it 2 weeks ago. B@stards!!! But yeah, Wipeout's great, but I'd like to see more content and bring back some of the more over the top tracks from previous games.

_Q_5567d ago

This would be the sweetest free game I've ever got.

snaz275567d ago

however sorry to report that as of yet i dont have any redeemable code email of any kind... i wasnt really holding my breath tho anyway lol... oh well it was worth a try... if i do get one i will be sure to report back and let you all know

Cronnie5567d ago (Edited 5567d ago )

Of course you don't have a code, the article says the emails will be sent out after the promotion ends (April 18th).

If there is one that is ;)

snaz275567d ago

oh yeah so it does i guess i didnt read it properly my bad lol... however im still not gonna hold my breath on this one but as i said before its worth a shot and ive done it anyway