ZTGD Preview: Wheelman

Catastrophe from ZTGD writes: With Wheelman's cinematic gaming experience, pulling off some of the more ridiculously improbable feats is the spirit of the game so if you fancy yourself passing the time commentating on the unlikelihood of a stunt you may want to take a pass. Word of caution, however: for as much fun as it is to watch a movie with the hero pulling off the impossible, it is even more fun to play through. Wheelman has great reckless promise of a reasonably deep open world game, without all the pesky realism of GTA.

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meepmoopmeep3506d ago

i found the demo fun, but the framerate was horrible.

(PS3 version)

rockleex3505d ago

Was a huge blockbuster video game title.

Imagine the level of polish you find in MGS4, GeoW, Uncharted, or Killzone 2 in this game. It would be one of the best games this year. ^_^

Eiffel3506d ago

I'll wait for Riddick.

xg-ei8ht3506d ago

Strange i have the PS3 demo version is the framerate is solid.

Excellent demo, really enjoyed it.

I hope there's multiplayer, with midtown madness type style, where you might have to collect and deliver(ctf type style) amongst others, could be a surprise hit.

Either way, looks good.

Unreal engine still having probs with AA, or can anyone confirm the 360 version has AA.

meepmoopmeep3506d ago


the thing would freeze for like a second all the time
especially the "action scenes"

maybe i should re-download it to see if it's a corrupted file.

DelbertGrady3506d ago

The 360 version has AA and a pretty solid framerate.

Btw, bubbles to anyone who can find me a negative preview, of any game ;) Previews have become pointless because they are always positive. They serve as nothing but promotion for the developers/publishers of the games.

nycredude3506d ago

I have the Ps3 version also and no framerate issues either.

xg: AA is the least of this games's graphics problems. The game is pretty fugly compared to some other games out now but I had a blast playing the demo. Similar to Saints row 2 experience, completely arcade like with reckless abandon! Sadly there are too many good games out to drop $60 on this. Will pick up when price drops.

meepmoopmeep3506d ago

ok, i'm gonna re-download this to play it again.

DelbertGrady3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

Agreed. Doesn't matter what version you play, the game is alright but there are much better alternatives to spend your money on. Better Vin Diesel alternatives even. Like Riddick: Dark Athena =) Get that demo instead.

creatchee3506d ago

I DLed both demos, and I have to say - this game has some of the worst current gen cutscene graphics that I have ever seen (worse than some PS3 or 360 launch titles even). That being said, the gameplay is surprisingly fun. It's a shame that the darned thing looks like a PS2 (yes, 2 as in two) port.

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