ZTGD Review: Watchmen: The End is Nigh

Carnage of ZTGD writes: Watchmen has been touted as the most celebrated graphic novel of all time, and while the videogame won't quit reach that height it can still be a lot of fun. Operating as a standard beat-em up in the old days of videogames would have gotten the game lost in a sea of clones, but today it actually makes it stand out as something most gamers will enjoy playing if for nothing else than the classic style. When Watchmen fans heard a game was being made to go along with the movie most of them probably cringed, but rest assured Watchmen: The End is Nigh doesn't touch the original story in any damaging way and actually helps to expand the already rich universe of the Watchmen.

+ Tight controls
+ Slick graphics
+ More Watchmen plot development

- Relatively high price
- Kind of short
- Way too many similar looking areas

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