Sony is "still the one to beat", says Epic Games boss

Epic Games VP Mark Rein has taken on Sony's critics, saying that he believes the strength of the PlayStation brand and the company's ongoing strategy will ensure PS3 is a success.

Speaking to in an interview at GDC last week, Rein said, "Sony has a very, very strong brand, so in my opinion, they're still the one to beat.

"The Wii is an impressive piece of hardware, but as you get the visually more impressive games coming out for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, as the marketing dollars get turned up to support the larger quantities of machines, with potential price drops and titles like Singstar which appeal to the larger market... Those machines will ignite, they'll take off, and they'll sell just fine."

Rein's comments came after Phil Harrison's GDC keynote speech, during which the Sony Worldwide Studios boss unveiled PlayStation Home and exclusive title LittleBigPlanet. "It looks like they've got some pretty cool stuff coming," Rein said.

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Kastrol4634d ago

this dude has my respect and shows that there is no need for BS in the business and all these Contradictions

Hire this guy and sack Peter Moore

kingboy4634d ago

This guy is always well balanced on every interview he does.Respect!

Black Republican4634d ago

PS3 is still the one to beat no matter what #'s are right now
they are still the console king, they still havent lost.
It will take a while to determine who will be console king

eclipsegryph4634d ago

Actually you just contradicted yourself there, mate. "PS3... are still the console king" and then "It will take a while to determine who will be console king." Pick one and run with it.

Though I'll agree that right now the PS2 is certainly the console to beat.

Shadow Flare4634d ago

considering he's made the 360's best game, he's a very well balanced guy and doesn't let media crap influence his views. Thats what makes his viewpoints worth listening to. Good for him

THAMMER14634d ago

At the end of each day Sony walks away with a TKO. PS1 & PS2 are still the most domestically excepted games consoles to ever hit the market. M$ has the lead right now in this generation but it dose not make them the over all market leader. I believe the 360 was named the 360 because it was intended to do just that, turn around the market. But no moron should go walking around acting like M$ has turned the tides completely.

deathtok4634d ago

That is a good philosophical view as to why the XBox 360 was named that way. Unfortunately word from inside MS had declared that the move was just brand name strategy. Saying "XBox 2" against "Playstation 3" isn't as appealing.

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The story is too old to be commented.