The One Place You Definitely Don't Want To See a Windows Error Message

On the control screen of the nuclear power plant in the port of Bushehr, Iran. [UPI]


An error is seen on a computer screen of Bushehr nuclear power plant's map in the Bushehr Port on the Persian Gulf, 1,000 kms south of Tehran, Iran on February 25, 2009. Iranian officials said the long-awaited power plant was expected to become operational last fall but its construction was plagued by several setbacks, including difficulties in procuring its remaining equipment and the necessary uranium fuel. (UPI Photo/Mohammad Kheirkhah)

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The Meerkat3502d ago


Its in English. I can't imagine Iran would use the language of the infidel.

Premonition3502d ago

Could be a US company running a powerplant out there, who knows.

The Meerkat3502d ago

A US company running a NUCLEAR POWER PLANT in IRAN?

poindat3502d ago

Yes, because every Iranian is a gun-toting terrorist out to destroy western ideals.

Way to generalize an entire country, buddy. English is an international language and is very often used in business situations. The running of a nuclear power plant would, I think, warrant the use of English.

The Meerkat3502d ago

I didn't say anything about Iranians, and for safety I would imagine that having everything in their native language would help prevent translation problems. Which could be a problem in a nuclear power station.

I've met load of Iranians and never found one that I didn't like. They just have some bad press from the US.

poindat3502d ago

It may help prevent translation issues, but operating a nuclear power plant is a pretty high level job, and I imagine that a thorough knowledge of the English language would be a prerequisite.

And anyways, according to the update, this is indeed real.

xwabbit3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

Y would U.S make it in their own land, they want to be safe!! LOL! .... that's messed up

You Already Know3501d ago

exactly, I know plenty of people from "3rd world countries" and they are fine...they might be extreme on the haggling side because I used to sell ATM machines and I had to deal with a lot of people from India and Pakistan etc etc...

but yeah, they definitely fall victim to the US propaganda machine....

evilmonkey5013501d ago

that's not A Microsoft program. I don't think we would allow the sale of software to the Iranian government. I'm sure it came from Russia. Regardless....the guy who took this pic is D E A D .

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morganfell3502d ago

I definitely want to see an error on a nuclear power plant...IN IRAN. Now if we can just get that BSOD...

Premonition3502d ago

Ya, remember US jobs going overseas, I mean there could be a couple of reasons why its like that, but to call it fake right away without trying to think it through....... I dont know about that.

evilmonkey5013501d ago

We haven't invaded Iran , yet. Why would they outsource from the infidels?

dkgshiz3502d ago

Why would they use windows anyways? Dont they know Windows is a buggy piece of garbage?

Eiffel3502d ago

They use it because you don't.

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