INCGAMERS: MMO Weekly 17/03/09

Jeff Hollis is back with a new installment of MMO Weekly:

"Certainly one of the most surprising stories of this past week has to be the fact that Hellgate London got patched. Yes, that's right, fully half of the rights to HGL are currently in the hands of Hanbitsoft, and they decided to patch their half of the game."

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thetamer3506d ago

Ohh, I want to be in Hellgate London with her...

lothaer3506d ago

i might have to update my HGL now :D

Leord3506d ago

What, you bought the Asian version, did you? =)

Dorjan3506d ago

Whats the naked chic got to do with the price of fish?

Maticus3506d ago

She's the main character.. or something like that.

AndyA3506d ago

That sounds like the first line of a joke.

Leord3506d ago

She isn't the main character, but a very important character in the story line. The game is like any RPG, so you are the anonymous hero. she is a character shown in the intro cinematics (which are pretty darn good, by the way, even if Flagship outsourced them).

That art is no porn either, it's the official collaboration with Playboy for sexy game heroines, as they did a couple of.