Trade games, skip the middle man

Mooch announced a new peer-to-peer video game trading service today that will give gamers another option when it comes to trading in video games.

While I signed up for the free beta today, I obviously haven't tried it yet, but I still wanted to share what information I could gleen off of the Web site.

It sounds like you can just list the games you have, and the games you want, and use the system to search for trades with other members. Once a deal is arranged you simply mail each other the game.

To balance trades, they've implemented a point system. Points can be traded straight up for games if you can find a trade, or traded alongside of games to make that Call of Duty/Wii Carnival Games trade fair.

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Mikerra173502d ago

I would think about doing this maybe

cornfedgamer3502d ago

I just tried proposing a trade, so we’ll see how this works. Update: If you run out of the points they use to balance trades they’ll charge you $15 for 100 more. Plus you have to pay to mail the game, which I imagine will cost $3-$5. So there is some cost involved, but probably less than Gamestop.

If you’re constantly trading bad/old games for new ones you will quickly lose points and need to purchase more. For example, if someone accepts my Gears of War for Halo Wars trade I’m out 91 of my 100 free points. I would have to trade a newer game for an older one to get those back…

So lets estimate here. If I pay $4 to ship my game, and used $15 worth of mooch points, I’m essentially trading a game and paying $20 for another used game.

If I did the same thing at Gamestop: They said they would buy back Gears of War for $8 and sell me a used copy of Halo Wars for $55, putting the cost at $47. So wow, I guess it can be worth it.