Joystiq Interview: Binary Tweed talks Clover file size problems, Community Games

Indie developer Binary Tweed revealed that it has hit the Community Games size limit ceiling for its upcoming game, Clover. First on the strike list? Unlockable art; however, the developer mentions it may "have to make some compromises on the audio side too." Unlike the murky size-limit waters that surround Xbox Live Arcade titles, Community Games are stuck in a strict 150MB sized pool.

Joystiq wondered if this meant Clover's Q1 2009 release would change and where the developer hopes to go once its freshman entry is available to play -- so they asked. Joystiq talked with Binary Tweed's managing director, Daniel "Deejay" Jones, and picked his brain about the recent file size issues, the Community Games platform and how the industry is reacting to the indie game push.

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