PS3 Informer: Burn Zombie Burn! Hands-On Preview

PS3 Informer writes: "Burn Zombie Burn! is a new arcade-style arena shooter by doublesix, the company behind the wonderful Geometry Wars: Galaxies. We recently had the chance to sit down with Burn Zombie Burn! lead designer Jim Mummery, freshly exhumed by Brendan Fraser just in time to demo the game. And we were offered a hands-on play through to boot.

Short on plot but big on action, Burn Zombie Burn! follows Bruce and his girlfriend out on a typical date when they are mysteriously attacked by a raving army of maniacal zombies (note: the Dance Gun not only gets the zombies raving, but throwing down Michael Jackson Thriller moves, as well). Bruce's objective is simple: kick pale zombie ass. The game features cartoony graphics but make no mistake, the copious amounts of blood and gore definitely earns its Mature rating. "

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swingingape3598d ago

Cool, I was waiting for in-depth preview. I'm definitely gonna check this out. Love zombies.