Men Kissin Men in Video Games

Men killing men in videogames is as commonplace as fortuitously placed exploding barrels. Murder. Death. Violence. It's our staple diet. Almost impossible to find, however, is the act of two men sharing the gentle warmth of a kiss. Why do games shun the tenderness of man, yet celebrate his atrocities...?

We don't know. And we don't really care. If we're completely honest, it's really just a rambling and fairly flimsy attempt to justify our brilliant new movie of men kissing men in games. Bully's Jimmy Hopkins, Metal Gear's Solid Snake and Seaman 's, er, fish-man things - all caught on camera k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

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Neutral Gamer4634d ago

I've approved this story and hopes it makes it to the front page, if only to see the reaction from your average N4G reader - judging by some of the previous comments on this site, they could be quite interesting ... !

JasonPC360PS3Wii4634d ago

The truth is gay people are everywhere been that way sesnse the beging of the human race, so its not really all that suprising to see homoseuality in a game (hell look at TV) That is unless your a religous fanatic living in the 3rd century. I notice that the contributor was GayMr, LOL dude its just a joke. This should be approved.

techie4633d ago

I hope the phobes don't show their faces like they did last time - it was quite demoralising to see that the human race could stoop so low. Got my guns ready

GaMr-4633d ago (Edited 4633d ago )

Im not reporting... Im not even mad... Im actually kinda thrilled your took your C0Ck out of you xbox360 disc drive long enough to actually develope a sense of humor. Good for you buddy. I got a track record behind me since 7th grade all the way through college of females that would beg to differ... But dont take their word for it. Send you girl over here. ahahhaha

@Brown: nahh dude im not insecure not the least bit. I have had gays around me. They dont phase me one bit. Its true what they say. If you confident about your sexuality that stuff doesnt bother you. And im a peach lover..... Sorry to dissapoint

JasonPC360PS3Wii4633d ago

Its too bad you only have 3 bubbles I bet its down to one by the end of the month. With comments like this "Im actually kinda thrilled your took your C0Ck out of you xbox360 disc drive long enough to actually develope a sense of humor" maybe even in a week.

PS3Wii4633d ago

Gamr is the 5th biggest contributor of all time.

You think the admin of this site will ever allow him to only have 1 bubble?

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The story is too old to be commented.