Starcraft II LAN Missing In Action?

Blizzard's highly-anticipated RTS sequel, StarCraft II, may not ship with multiplayer LAN functionality - one of the features that made its predecessor so popular.

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Leord3529d ago

I don't think this is a "deal-breaker" for many fans, but on the other hand, I think many fans will be sorely disappointed if they no longer can hook up with their friends to play the latest version of StarCraft...

y0haN3529d ago

This is just so they can charge for for people in the same room to play.. not even Xbox Live needs that. :/

Proxy3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

So lets say some friend decide to play together in one house.

How is going to sort out 6 different computers, 6 different accounts, and 6 different games, when YOU ONLY HAVE ONE IP ADDRESS?

They will probably say "Sorry, only one player per IP address." Literally killing all localized play.

Have a friend or a bother you wan to play with? Buy a 2nd internet connection.

In the end, SC2 will never approach the glory of SC1.

y0haN3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Well Proxy, no doubt it'll be cracked if they do this or worse, charge money for That way people will have LAN player over a fake cloud, and internet play over a fake cloud over a fake LAN, like with Hamachi :).

Dorjan3529d ago

I think it almost is... no LAN? Well I know most have the internet but still why!? :(

Leord3529d ago

Well possible reasons for not including LAN would be:

- Stop piracy
- Get more money from the ads on

There really are no other plausible reasons. I think that the player enjoyment of having LAN play would weigh up for the minimal money "loss" from having LAN, and the possible piracy. I mean the new will be awesome, so people will only play LAN when they have no internet.

Cogo3529d ago

Well, the Diablo 3 LAN removal was based around giving people cohesion of the gameplay. since the characters are stored online, it is confusing to have multiple versions of multiplayer. I guess you could say the same about SC2, you'll have your win/loss lists online, and all your favourite maps, possibly, and god knows what else.

Perhaps LAN is truly obsolete?

Proxy3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Doing ANYTHING without express consent of the developer is obsolete.

Paying Customer: "May I please play online."
Mighty Developer: "You may, be sure to click a few advertisements while your at it."

Paying Customer: "May I install this game on a new computer."
Mighty Developer: "Yes, please buy an additional installation licence for an additional 9.99. We will then be happy to allow you to install your game."

Paying Customer: "Can I play this game on my computer that doesn't have internet."
Mighty Developer: "Only if you have the pirat - I mean - Unfortunately no, because then we won't have the total control that we desperately need."

Paying Customer: "Me and a friend have 2 computers sitting 5 feet apart, can we play together."
Mighty Developer: "Sure, please connect to battle net, send your information through battle net, and be patient with the lag you receive from battle net."

Malfurion3529d ago

I can almost hear the nerd screams...

kalos3529d ago


A great deal of people are going to be very, very loud about this in all probability.

player_729853529d ago

I've never really cared for LAN all that much - never played a LAN game either, so I won't be missing anything at all.

Cogo3529d ago

Same here. I was never part of that generation. I agree that events like DreamHack are cool, but it's more of an event than the social thing, right?

Terrice3528d ago

Well, I grew up with LAN - not just SC, but Diablo and Diablo II as well - so this is kind of hard to take at the moment.

It's not going to stop me from buying SC2 though.

sh8kes3529d ago

No lan.. no lan, what is this.. my fav part of any game :(

Leord3529d ago

It's the one reason I still play Heroes of Might & Magic 3, and even bought a multi-box with game + expansions a few months back. sure, that game doesn't even have anything like, but I'm mostly interested in playing in the same room as my mates anyway.

I mean, LAN play is what makes a game survive longer than the release week. Well, not really that harsh, but makes them continue their legacy for ever and ever....

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