'Super-fast' game download launch

A British company has launched a new way of downloading games.

Unlike other systems, Awomo allows people to start playing a game before all the software has been downloaded.

The developers say that waiting times between clicking a download link and actual game-play have been slashed.

"This is a super-fast way of distributing games. For the first time we have created a system that really does for games what iTunes does for music," said Awomo boss Roger Walkden.

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MNicholas3500d ago

and then die off. They have a good product (if it works as advertised) but, sadly, for a shinking market.

kwyjibo3499d ago

Yes, because the digital download market is shrinking. Fail.

These guys have a chance for success. Triton had very similar technology, and failed, because they didn't have strong enough financial backing, or a committed publisher catalogue.

These guys are backed by Virgin, and they're giving Tomb Raider away for free, so I'll probably check it out.

MNicholas3499d ago

1) The PC game market is shrinking in gaming marketshare and will continue to shrink. Heck, the PC market itself is plateauing. PCs as we know it will disappear. In the not too distant future people will laugh at that that gargantuan power hungry desktop the same way we laugh at the old brick-style cell-phones. This practically ensures that this company will only be moderately successful (if the product works and they have support, content and infrastructure to successfully scale).

2) Digital downloads have, indeed, been a massive fail so far. History is littered with failed music download services and VOD is a long way from being successful. Even in countries with massively fast internet access at dirt cheap prices, like Japan, we don't see digital downloads coming anywhere near replacing physical media. Sure Netflix has seen an improvement in sales but they have a very long and painful road ahead. It takes more than wishful thinking and dreams of utopia (and even a few million of Branson' cash) to create a successful product or service.

3) What it does have going for it is the promise of instant gratification. If this pans out then they could be moderately successful.

kwyjibo3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Lol, how long have you been beating on that PC is dead drum? I have magazine articles from the PS2's launch detailing how PC is dead. 10 years later, the same idiots are probably saying the same things.

They didn't foresee MMOs, they didn't foresee casual gaming, they didn't foresee digital distribution. You still don't see it. You're comparing PCs to a 1980s cell phone? Think about that analogy for a second longer than you did originally. Are you laughing at cell phones now?

Digital downloads failing? Really? Like iTunes and Steam failing? I'm pretty sure, no other games company, aside from Nintendo is rolling in as much cash per capita as Valve, Blizzard or Popcap. You cite the history of failed companies, but we can all do the same for retail, or games development. Just because Ensemble were closed down doesn't mean game development is dead. It's the successes that drive the market, not whatever glut of failure there is.

What's the next big market? It's China right? The entire world is awaiting with baited breath for those 1 billion peasants to become consumers. What are they playing? MMOs, subscription and micropayment games, because there is absolutely no point in releasing a packaged product (which you value so much) in a market which has no concept of copyright law.

But it's best you stick to your doom and gloom NPD figures. It's safer for you there. Remember the power of the Blu-Ray, sweet dreams.

FreestyleBarnacle3498d ago

This is not a download is going to beat everyone moment this is a look at how digital distribution may be able to get close to physical formats for people moment. Even with fast internat games are getting bigger as are demos who wouldn't like the option to start playing earlier? If this company has trouble due to marketing the tech will be bought by someone with a consumer base and used as a differentiating factor between them and otherwise equal competition.

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randomwiz3500d ago

Will this will lead the way to digital distribution of FULL games??????

nnotdead3500d ago

but i think caps the internet providers are starting to enforce will hurt the D2D services. which will keep people buying both D2D and hard copies.