VideoGamer: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Hands-on Preview

Neon Kelly from writes: The Harry Potter franchise is now so much a part of modern popular culture that it's easy to forget just how old the series is. A whopping twelve years have gone by since JK Rowling saw her first book published. Back in 1997, Rowling was virtually unknown; nowadays she's the richest woman in the entire world, living in a palace made of gold and eating nothing but diamonds coated in caviar. Probably. Or perhaps she's still just Joanne-y from the block. Who can really say?

At any rate, the army of the bespectacled wizard marches on. There's a sixth film due out later this year, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - and that means there's a new game from EA's Bright Light Studio. This being the case, last week I travelled out to Hogwarts [a hotel on Edgeware Road] so that I could be instructed in the ways of magic [play some Wii preview code for a bit]. There were three separate game play types on display - Quidditch, potion-brewing and duelling - and over the course of the afternoon I got to try all of them, so read on to discover what lies inside the Chamber of Secrets [hear a few details about how they play]...

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