10° Reviewa 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

Dodgy AI and inconsistent controls aside, my only other big gripe about the game is that it's too short. The game gets going and hits its stride, and the vehicle levels spice things up keeping the gameplay fresh, but it ends only about 7 or 8 hours after it begins. When it ends, it does so in probably the worst way ever too providing a way too short, way too easy unsatisfying last level. On one hand, the game ending meant not fighting another repetitive boss, but at the same time the build up to the end of the game was extremely anticlimactic and unsatisfying, even for a game that is somewhat of a parody of itself. I wanted to keep playing, or at the very least engage in some sort of competitive multiplayer. The game practically begs for a 'capture the skull' multiplayer mode with Terrorists VS fiddy and g-unit, but instead leaves you with only unlockable cheats to make the game easier as a reward for playing...

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