Nobody takes videogame ratings seriously

Opinion: it is time that parents were properly educated...

As we await the outcome of the ongoing debate in the UK as to the best ways of rating videogames – with the industry-sponsored PEGI system currently pitted against the traditional ratings body the BBFC – it seems that the problem is, if anything, far more acute over in the far east.

According to the Malaysian New Straits Times, the Secretary General of the Malaysian Consumers' Association and Chief Exec of the country's National Consumer Complaints Centre (NCCC), Muhammad Sha'ani Abdullah, said this week that Malaysian game retailers and buyers simply do not take ratings seriously.

"These classifications [ESRB ratings] are given by the producers of the games but when they are sold, traders rarely make it a practice to sell according to the recommended age group. They do not see how serious an impact it can have on children," he said.

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