German politicians want a ban on violent videogames

From Hot on the heels of the tenuous linking of Far Cry 2 to the recent shootings in the German town of Winnenden, comes a call to ban violent games from the CDU in Brandenburg.

CDU Acting chairperson, Sven Petke wants a full ban on violent games, as well as a ban on the online play of such titles. According to Petke ISPs should be responsible for policing their networks. He had this to say:

"These sorry efforts deserve to be banned."

"The time for excuses is over. We need corresponding web-filters, that are operated by internet providers."

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Cwalat3598d ago

well, i want a ban on all politicians.

Qdog3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

To do so however, they would also have to ban violent movies, explicit music, and prove that videogames are not art, otherwise they'd have to ban violent art, which would also set their culture back tremendously. Sorry, I just dont see it happening without a consumer revolution in response. In the weird alternate timeline that might have made this a possibility, I'm sure that the German populace would just vie for importing, which would hurt Germany anyways.

Yi-Long3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

... that everytime a tragedy like this happens, dumbass populistic politicians are jumping over eachother to jump on the bandwagon and blame videogames or rapmusic or whatever, instead of dealing with these problems seriously and in a mature and realistic way.

SinnedNogara3598d ago

I hate it when governments due this.

Hey Germany, instead of blaming video games for everything and instead not trying to inforce you rating system, just sentence and arrest the people involved in these shootings!!

If they have to ban violent video games, they have to ban all art that portrays violence.

Not even Jack Thompson is that stupid.

3598d ago
Timesplitter143598d ago

Young people become violent because of things like this. Not because of videogames

Ghoul3598d ago

wrong headline

its not politicianS
its only this moron petke.

ignore and move on.

caseh3598d ago

"Lower Saxony’s Social Minister Mechthild Ross-Luttmann is now pushing for a change in the way such so-called addictive games are classified - she wants them restricted to adults only"

Gotta love that one, how do you classify if a game is addictive or not lol!!

My suggested ratings. :)

Addition ratings:

Low-level: Warning, this game MAY be addictive
Mid-Level: Warning, this game IS addictive
High-Level: Warning, this game is EXTREMELY addictive and you will most likely lose friends and not see daylight again.

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The story is too old to be commented.