It's Your Duty To Buy Video Games!


"For loyal gamers the economic crisis means one thing: buy more games!

What a fickle economic-driven society we live in! Exactly a year ago I wrote an article titled: Stop Buying Games. At the time Australia was facing home interest rates of 10% and rising inflation.

The blame was being squarely leveled at consumers for "rampant spending on imported luxury goods", which included (somewhat) video games...

But instead of the dreaded rise in interest rates, an economic domino fell somewhere else in the world and now we have the Reserve Bank desperately dropping the interest rate and the government handing out cash by the bucket-loads to those same naughty consumers to stimulate economic growth again!

Last time I offered economic advice nobody (including me) listened. This time I think I'll have more success! I can feel that I've hit a patriotic nerve this time: we need to buy more games for ourselves because we need to support not only the industry we love so much, but the world economy too! It is our duty!"

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Dimorphic_3502d ago

Yes I agree, we should all be buying more games. I mean with all the bad things in the world it is only a matter of time until the zombie apocalypse happens, and when it does us gamers will be well prepared!

gaminoz3502d ago

Hell yeah, I'm not spending my government gift on the industries that don't deserve it....

Gotta keep gaming alive! (So a few banks die or a few auto companies go under...we need subsidies for games!!!)

Godem3502d ago

I buy too many games already!!! stop tempting me!

gaminoz3502d ago

No such thing as too many....(looks at all the unfinished games in cupboard...'sigh')

I read an interesting piece in this month's Australian 360 mag where a writer argues that the recession might mean that consoles skip a generation and we get to keep our PS3s and 360s for longer.

That would mean we don't need to upgrade so often at least! More money for games!

XboxOZ3603502d ago

Or the world floods and the Polar bears eat us . . But yes, spending does help even in bad times. It's when everyone hangs onto money that things get grim.

The stimulus packages do help a great deal. It would be great though if the various governments helped the gaming industry out a little more, like Canada does especially.

But buying games can be hard for some, especially at the price they ask for them here in Australia . .they start at $99.95 and go to $119.95 . . Sure, you can get them for $79.95 but that is still a big whack of money out of ones pocket. Then you look at say 15 great games coming out and heck . .

gaminoz3502d ago

Well those who used to buy from Play-Asia are out of luck now: the Aussie $ last year meant you could get games for around $60 AUD. No so I guess the local retailers will benefit from that at least.

Immortal Kaim3502d ago

Well I will be doing my best to stimulate the economy and the gaming industry...
I'm buying a PS3 with the cash hand-out. Sweet ;)

GrathiusXR3502d ago

Ive sold heaps of MS points that i have received and shall be buying a PS3 with the money that ive gotten from it..

As for the cash handout well i shall see what is available to me at the time :D

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