Halo Wars and Halo 3 combined hardware bundle spotted, snapped

VG247: One of our magic retail sources just popped through a couple of shots of a new 360 bundle, this one featuring a Pro, Halo Wars and Halo 3 in the same pack. See them after the break.

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Droid Control3500d ago

trading on the original games brand....


ceedubya93500d ago

I already have all of this. Good package for those making the jump though.

Captain Tuttle3500d ago

I wonder what they'll ask for it?

table3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

if it was cheap enough because I thought Halo:CE was awesome. otherwise i just dont feel good invensting in something that might break and have to pay to play online. I'd like to see a 360 slimline but i dont know if that would be possible with all the hardware issues.

ceedubya93500d ago

Just ask my PS3. How ironic is it that the console in my house that's running smoothly is the 360? I say, if you already have a PS3 and just need a 360 for every now and then, maybe an Arcade would be fine choice.

edgeofblade3500d ago

You're forgetting that Microsoft gives you a full year warranty on ANYTHING going wrong and three years on the most common faults. MS backs it's product through it's issues, despite it costing them a BILLION dollars. That should give you confidence.

lowcarb3500d ago

Yeah MS backs there warranty pretty well but I have a brother being charged a hundred for a 2 ring 360 issue. He only had it for two months last year before he got 3 red rings and now not even 6 months later he get's 2 rings and they want to charge him lol. They need to warranty the thing regardless of it's issue for any problem a customer has. I love my 360 but at the same time could understand anyones fear.

Cenobia3500d ago

MS only spent that much covering faulty hardware because they had to. They would have been sued for a lot more than that. I'm not saying MS is more evil, it's just that they screwed up their hardware and had to pay for it.

If Sony had made faulty hardware and had to cover their losses I wouldn't be saying "Sony back its hardware." Pretty much any company backs their hardware for a year. The 3 year warranty is only there because of the hardware issues.

It is true that they'll cover RROD for 3 years (and most things for 1), but other than that you're on your own. I'm not saying he shouldn't buy a 360, but lets not sugar coat anything here.

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1233603500d ago

i wish ms would stop with the halo franchise and look for some new 360 is dust ridden at the moment and live has been cancelled till i start to see some new ips.every think this year in quality proven ips is either multiplat or on ps3,even the ps3 new ips look promising.its a year of wait i think for my 360.

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The story is too old to be commented.