Why Google is more evil than Microsoft

Still think that Microsoft is bad, and Google good? Think again.

Among many of the tech cognoscenti, Microsoft has been portrayed much like the evil Galactic Empire in Star Wars: a tyrannical regime bent on conquering the universe for its own nefarious ends.

Today, Google resembles no company so much as it does Microsoft in its global ambitions, its clear-eyed focus on the bottom line and - for the first time - a host of critics who fear that the company's reach has grown too long, its grip on the market too strong.

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Captain Tuttle3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

I don't think you have to wait 4 years though.

butbutbuttehcell3502d ago

I don't think that any of these companies are evil. I think people confuse ruthlessness that leads to success and growth with evil. The only 'crime' they seem to commit is that they're huge and successful. Have they murdered or pilfered?

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Tony P3502d ago

@theKiller: I recommend the decaf.

Anyway, I trusted Google as much as I trust MS before this article. They show signs of that same brand of megalomania that comes with running a profitable corporation. However, I guess I've come to expect the same from anyone concerned only with how many zeros they can add to their last name.

Still...Google makes and supports some good software so they get my benefit of the doubt until they go fully into the dark side.

Pekka3502d ago

theKiller: Do you honestly believe Google secures your privacy better than MS? Everything you seek with Google is saved in Google's servers and they know every seek you have done with Google in last few months. They don't even need to hack your computer to get that information because you have already given information them. The same applies to documents made with Google Apps. Every document you do with them is in their servers and very easy for FBI to check.

Now, you complain that MS doesn't make free OS's. If OS would be free and wouldn't have ads, nobody would be paid to program OS either. Basically it would be voluntary work then. Sure, you could also get money from some other products but you would have to raise price of those. It is completely impossible for a commercial company to make only free programs and survive. Google gets their money from advertising.

ArmrdChaos3502d ago

Power corrupts...and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Google, MS, Apple, Sony...all corps with all the same ambitions.

I leave it to the cheerleaders to whine and debate about it.

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Foxgod3502d ago

people who find big corporations evil are the same people who think governments are evil.

We call those people anarchists.
They believe in a free society not bound by laws.
Personally i think anarchists are mad, without laws, it would be the right of the strongest, woman would have no right, hardly anybody would get a fair chance anymore, and any weak person would be unable to survive.

I spit on anarchists.

goldene3553502d ago

Capitalists support large corporations while at the same time disliking government.

Dareaver13502d ago

because they want the government to stay out of their business so that they can do whatever they want, no matter how unethical.

Take these banks for instance. Did you know that the CEO's are getting bonuses. Now why give bonuses if your bank is failing and you need the help of the American people to bail you out. I mean, if we (the people) were filing for bankruptcy, how helpful would they be to us...? I know, there is a difference, because I'm one person and the affect i have on overall society is minuscule.

But a CEO, with multi-million dollar salary, is taking bonus money supplied by his secretary who might not even crack $20k a year. Isn't that kind of sad.

Money is a man-made commodity, we put value to rocks and metals. And it's a shame how people values those inanimate objects more then human life. It really is sick.

Same goes for Healthcare, people scream socialism (which most don't even know what it is) when we talk about healthcare for all, but don't realize that their police, fire department, and post office already work off of that kind of system. Could you imagine if the police was a business. You would call 911 and then have to agree to a deductible for them coming out to help you.... Lol

How could you put a business on helping others, it makes no sense. It's not like most of society goes out and tries to get sick, but you have to pay someone to help you. And the funny thing is, they have shareholders to keep happy, so wouldn't it make more sense to want more sick people. so the doctors could get paid.

.... whatever, i could go on forever about this, sorry for getting off topic.... I just don't get it (Humanity).....

The-Director3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

Google is seen as a good force by webmasters because Google bring them most of their traffic and income, and we all know that webmasters very much control the feel of the internet, that why you don't hear a lot of complaints about Google dominance.

So when Google grow big and make more money, so are the little webmasters with their little blogs and forums, where Microsoft only make money for themselves and other affiliated big companies, that why we didn't see much love from the internet toward Microsoft.

The point is, Google is good for us NOW, but the future looks scary specially when the management changes "and they will", then god knows what will happen.

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