The Enigmatic David Cage - Heavy Rain

The man behind Fahrenheit or Indigo Prophesy if you are American certainly is an interesting guy. With some very interesting ideas on game making. His latest project, Heavy Rain is one of the most anticipated games of 2009.

This is a short article on why the guy dubbed 'pure ego' by one journalist thinks the structure of video games at the moment pushes the player away emotionally.

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table3528d ago

heavy rain turns out great and sells well. I imagine they put alot of money into this with all the multiple scripts and with it being ps3 exclusive it feels like a big risk. Great for ps3 owners though as exclusivity, as they said from the start, should help the games quality.

michellejbuss3528d ago

I have never thought about it before. But I guess developing for one console makes it easier.

He has such interesting things to say on the role of emotion in gaming's future. I am very interested to see if he can translate that into a game.