Resident Evil 5 Review (OXCGN) : Heavy Action. Light Horror.


"The long wait is finally over and Resident Evil 5 is finally out around the globe! But has Capcom's latest entry in their popular horror franchise lived up to its huge hype or is the undead series mutating too much from its origins to be true survival horror fun?

Essentially while it's hard to identify the game's genre as 'survival horror' anymore, Resident Evil 5 certainly does tell a great story and gives the player hours of great action gameplay. Maybe 'survival action' would be a better description now."

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gaminoz3500d ago

I can't wait to start on this one...RE4 was one of my all time favourite games. Now I just need time!

I know it is more action-oriented and I do miss the old style, but I like both. Maybe they can do a retro version next as it is a different genre now. Then again, if it takes as long as RE5 did to come out, then maybe not...

XboxOZ3603500d ago

Not suree I agree with the Not so scary bit in the review . .

As when I was at a recent early media hands-on, even several of the IGN guys were jumping out of their seats from the scares they were encountering.

I'm looking forward to just popping this into the 360 and settling back for a few days and playing it.

I'm not one of the types that sees just how fast I can through a game. I personally like to do this thing called "enjoy" them . . not sure if everyone remembers that - or not. But it seems like a lost art in gaming these days.

gaminoz3500d ago

Me too...when I rush a game I feel like I've missed out on the exploration. With graphics as good as they are these days I like exploring.

IrishAssa3500d ago

hasn't been scary for me yet, make sure you play on co-op and hardest difficulty , it's really tense and fun, controls are simple,

Superfragilistic3500d ago

Is it as hard as 4, or with the action style is 5 much easier?

I'm currently replaying Res 4 and the original on my Cube and damn they're tough games. Although I haven't found 4 scary either. whats the deal?

Bubbles for replies. :)

ThanatosDMC3499d ago

Compared to RE4, it seems the storyline or plot progression is really fast. It bothers me why doesnt Sheva freak out when she saw all these monstrosities... I mean, wtf?! I understand Chris but her being new and not freaking out is completely BS. It's like "oh, i've encountered $hit like this before..."

Also, they dont let you explore the map sometimes. Anyone remember the demo map in which there's that sub boss axe wielding guy? Yeah, in the actual game, if you dont search each item hiding spots (fruits, barrels, etc.) after the cinematics of Kirk or whoever uses the rpg to destroy the gate, then you can grab any more of the items. They magically disappear.

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Godem3500d ago

agreed, I think capcom should do whichever is quicker, i want RE6 now! lol...

that being said, I do think the original 'classic' titles are superior.. and I really miss the fantastic puzzles and the gorgeous pre rendered backgrounds etc from the gamecube remakes.

Great review, laid the facts out well.

Immortal Kaim3500d ago

I agree. Though some people the 'classic' style is outdated, I prefer the puzzles and horror elements of the old games :)

Good review though.

Godem3500d ago

it certainly is not outdated. I love puzzle games! I know many others do too.

GamerPS3603500d ago

It's not scary horror. Played 3 round already. But it is dang good action game and I am loving it. I probly make over 10 rounds.

darkmurder3500d ago

Truly amazing game, 9.5 out of 10 from me.

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