A Few Thoughts On Graphics

61FPS Writes:

"If you feel that graphics are important, then obviously you must be a shallow gamer who only plays HD iterations of big budget shooter X.
If you say they don't matter then surely you're a casual gamer loser or retro gamer snob.

This false dichotomy seems to represent the default positions on where people fall when presented with the question: Do graphics matter? But what do graphics really matter? As a graphic artist, you'd think I'd consider them pretty important, and you'd be right. However, I feel that the wrong question is being asked here.

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ape0073504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

is the most important thing

gameplay is the key

graphics can improve the game experince,push limits and boundaries

wii and DS have new "fun eliments",mad world,gta ds

if the wii was as powerful as 360 or ps3,it would be hands down the best system fro 3rd party games

bioshock wii controles,cod4,resi 5(resi 4 wii has amazing controles),sport games,etc....

like I said gameplay is the key,graphics can push boundaries and that also depends on the development team

gameplay>graphics,super mario galaxy is perfect,I guess if you open the english dictionary and search for the word "perfection" the dictionary will say "see super mario galaxy"

and btw smg looks phenominal

imagine if nintendo has ps3 power to develop metroid,zelda and mario "faints"

Gue13504d ago

Mario 64, Mario Bros 3 and every other Mario game > Mario Galaxy
Including Mario Sunshine

GWAVE3504d ago

Graphics certainly matter. The only reason why people are questioning graphics right NOW is because a certain console's graphics have been routinely obliterating another certain console's graphics when (supposedly) they were equal.

Anyone who says graphics don't matter is lying. Obviously, graphics aren't the ONLY important thing, but they matter a lot.

Who wasn't amazed when they first tried out the new Mario game on their brand-new SNES (Super Mario World), or Super Mario 64 for that matter? Who wasn't amazed when they first saw that opening scene in FF6 or FF7, or even FF10? Who wasn't amazed when they first saw Soul Calibur in motion? Who wasn't amazed when they saw the gorgeous physics and textures of Half Life 2? Who wasn't amazed when Ninja Gaiden first hit the Xbox and wowed everyone? Who wasn't amazed by games like God of War and Shadow of the Colossus on the PS2?

Anyone who says "graphics don't matter" is a jealous hater who has forgotten what it means to be a gamer.

TheAntiFanboy3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

I've been questioning graphics ever since the original Gears of War for 360 came out. I felt the game was shallow, lacked personality and had terrible mechanics. I couldn't understand the droves of people who enjoyed it, and I found very little merit in the game aside from the graphics and the chainsaw.

Now Killzone 2 is out. And I feel exactly the same way. It's just a shooter masked in a fantastic graphical orgy. It's not a bad game. It's just not wonderful either.

Other games that sacrifice a ton of their gameplay for graphics and presentation include Far Cry 2, Assassin's Creed, and Grand Theft Auto 4. Grand Theft Auto and Assassin's Creed can be slightly forgiven simply because they deliver so much artistic merit in terms of story and filmography effects, but other than that, they're just not worth the effort of another playthrough.

The games I routinely enjoy typically forsake graphics for gameplay, like Okami, the Warcraft series, Valkyria Chronicles, the first Halo, and more. These are all wonderful games and I enjoy them because instead of pursuing technologically graphical excellence, they concentrate on making a solid video game while still distinguishing themselves by having a distinctly unique art style.

I don't mind great graphics. I really don't. If I think there's a game that is excellent, then why not push the graphics further? But don't sacrifice gameplay for graphics.

The gritty poop-brown and piss-yellow color palettes are really, really getting old.

Rich16313504d ago

As much as I hate to admit it...I am a Graphics Whore.

Gue13504d ago

Yeah but even a graphic whore would say no to a poor game.

That's why I always think, why we have these type of arguments about "graphics vs gameplay"?

Lair had amazing graphics and nobody cared. It was a poor game and it had poor sales and reception.

Scenarist3504d ago

agreed to both ..

Im a graphics whore , but im a gamer and graphics definitely do not make the game.

Socomer 19793504d ago

we didnt buy hdtvs to be looking at garbage.
there is no trade off! It has to look good & be fun. That's it!
That's the bottomline & there's no going back.

There is no such thing as a shallow gamer who prefers graphics.
Who ever said that shallow gamers prefer graphics over gameplay is a liar.
Its impossible to only play a game for looks only. That's just a made up term to put a
label on a person.

YoMeViet3504d ago

bubbles my friend!

I also didn't my Bravia 52in to look at last gen graphics. Graphics is 50% and game-play is the other half.

vlazed3504d ago

Art is subjective so this argument is already moot. I have a healthy game library spanning from the NES to present day, including many different consoles. Whenever I get the urge, I play older games no problem; some of these games still amaze me to this day. That being said, I bought an HD console for HD games. You can have good gameplay and good graphics or good graphics and good art direction, it does'nt have to be one or the other. Seems to me that most of the arguments are just excuses for shortcomings.

RadientFlux3504d ago

My thoughts on graphics have always been, as long as they don't take away from the gameplay then why not push the graphically envelope.

It's just a shame that gamers are starting to use graphics as a reason not to play a game.

KKanjiAnkh3504d ago

It's the other way around nowadays, do you know how many people talk about, nothing but the graphics, not respecting the art style, or its perspectives.

People need to do the homework, and stop living in the look, it is extremely hard to talk to someone, that doesn't have, technical expectations, for the core games makeup.