Games At-a-Glance: Xbox 360 Quality

Edge and Electronic Entertainment Design and Research have teamed up for a series of weekly quick-to-the-point graphs that highlight certain market interest areas or trends.

In this first week, they ask: If your videogame-illiterate Aunt Sheila walked into a store and bought you an Xbox 360 game, what are the chances that it would be a quality title?

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BrunoM3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

Kinda of a weird question but w.e .... and as far as the score the use

"These graphs should be taken with a grain of salt if the scores were taken from EDGE reviews. EDGE's review scores are not very popular at the moment and many of them are debatable. And that goes for all systems, fanboys."

but what ever both consoles have good games so if UR AUNT would get in a store SPACIALY Gamestop EBgames she sould get out of there with the game THEY wanted to sell her so the Kid mai get lucky lol... or get halo wars hahaahha