Gaming Nexus: Afro Samurai Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "The soundtrack artist V. Ran puts it best as he raps "When the smoke clears there'll be no more tears." And while Afro Samurai's story has more touching moments then you'd expect, make no mistake: the eponymous anti-hero is here to kick up dust.

Based on the animated series produced (and voice acted) by Samuel L. Jackson, Afro Samurai the video game is an unquestionably faithful tribute. To wit: It's a blaxploitation aficionado's dream come true with a Tarantino seal of approval spilled out in generous arterial blood spray. While set within a sometimes steampunk medieval Japan, there are allowances made for hip hop, cell phones, and cybernetics. The anachronistic touches are executed with a knowing wink from the series' developers."

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