TeamXbox: Stormrise Multiplayer Hands-on

TeamXbox writes: "Innovation is good. Innovation works. It's what makes us as a society move forward, technologically and culturally, in its many applications over a broad range of things. In games, if we didn't have innovation we'd all still be jumping up and hitting invisible blocks with our heads. But is too much innovation a bad thing?

The struggle to make a decent real-time strategy for console games has led to some innovative approaches on how to make the experience more fun and more approachable. For example, Tom Clancy's Endwar tackled the problem with a voice command system, a novel approach to giving the player more control than what a controller can. Stormrise, the new RTS for consoles from well regarded developers Creative Assembly has a new take on the situation, and has some pretty interesting ideas on how to fix it."

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