TeamXbox: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 Preview

TeamXbox writes: "It doesn't get the same sort of attention its EA Sports stable mate Madden does, but the Tiger Woods series of golf video games is almost as old and strong of a workhorse as its NFL-licensed cousin. People forget that the Tiger Woods games, like Madden, is the exclusive video game licensee for its respective league. It might not do the same kind of sales numbers as the football game, but what really does.

The other quality Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 shares with the Madden series is just that: quality. The Tiger series has progressed consistently over the years, providing people with a golf experience that's more fun than boring like the rest of golf is, or at least watching it. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 keeps up the commitment to improvement, though on a smaller scale than last year's edition."

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