Sony Considers Adding Downloadable Comic Books To PSP Store

Sony is considering to sell digital versions of comic books and graphic novels over the PlayStation Store on PSP, if a recent survey conducted by the company is any indication.

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Raoh3529d ago

man i said sony should do this a few weeks ago in this post

pwnsause3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

sony thinks one step ahead of you. Dont worry about their plans. chances are people with the same intentions you had talked about it in the official PS forums and they of course listened. thats why you bring your thoughts and ideas to their forum so that they can hear what you want.

Microsoft Xbox 3603529d ago

Good call.

Hopefully this becomes a reality. My uncle would love this.

RememberThe3573529d ago

Sh*t, I would love this.

I love comics. but I never read them because I don't know much about them. But what I have read has been great. I'd love to see Sony promoting this on both the PSP and PS3 getting some of the bigger and maller publishers on board would be great.

GDC, please!

paul-p19883529d ago

this would be brilliant!! i used to convert manga to read it on my psp, so i would definitely use this service. Hope they have loads of japanese manga more than DC comic type ones, manga is far superior imo :)

xwabbit3529d ago

smart bastards -.-... lol! good idea ^_^!

Lifendz3529d ago

but can we please add a subscription fee so I can view shows w/o having to buy them all.

bviperz3528d ago

on your PSP. Awesomeness.

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xabmol3529d ago

Can't wait to see what they do with it.

jams_shop3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

If they are any thing like Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel I'll buy everything.


Holy sh!t!! I just saw the video and I want it now SONY!! Can't wait.

BrunoM3529d ago

now if that was the way it would lok and work my friend it would be a GREAT thing love the look ...!!!

read my manga on the ps3 or psp as i go PREFECT

Sashby1233529d ago

Now all they need to do is bring out PS Cards to persuade and allow others to purchase such content.
If you watch the part at 0.07, you can see a tab with "Applications &..." in the PlayStation Store front. Plus the colour of the PSP stores background is blue, in the video its match the PSN logo design??.
Are they planning on adding more additional content like applications as well as comics, do I hear music =).

Godmars2903529d ago

You miss the rumor that they're planning to get Sirius Radio? Their internet feed that is.

BrunoM3529d ago

As far as the video goes if u read what it says sony says it isent made by them in other words some one made it

Even tho if thats the case some one toke some reall good time and did a GREAT job ( sony need to give the guy a job lol )

so for all effects these is not real ( we never know tho )

as for what i think looks great and id use it alot to have all my manga on the psp love the idea ( as far as for the ps3 i can get it online and view it on the ps3 ) could do the same on the ps3 but actualy wouldent mind buying it if it was to use on the psp ....

any ways sony doing nice things with the PSN .

Firstkn1ghT3529d ago

Pretty much the entire comic book collection is already available for free. Why pay for it?

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