Xbox360Fanboy: Mass Effect Eyes On Preview

Xbox360Fanboy sat down with Bioware's Ray Muzyka to check out the first hour of Mass Effect at GDC 07. Great games, he said, are memorable because of emotional moments. Muzyka stresses that Mass Effect will provide players with a truly cinematic, emotional experience. As if to prove his point, the demo takes place on a crisp HD display with a very loud surround sound speaker system. Muzyka picks up a control, starts the demo, and Bioware's latest adventure begins.

There are several character backgrounds from which to choose. The background you choose affects the overall story of your character, Commander Shepard. Muzyka chooses a soldier. The story begins with well acted cinematics. Everything is well rendered: characters, backgrounds, everything. It's immediately evident that the game plays on a galactic scale. The facial animations are nice. The eyes, though, seem slightly off. It doesn't pull you out of the experience, but it's worth noting considering BioWare's consistent talk of emotional gameplay. Overall the graphics are extremely polished, with lots of cinematic effects added.

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