Marvel Signs Big MMO Deal

Mystery publisher Gazillion Entertainment have signed a deal with Marvel to produce several massively-multiplayer online titles for the comics powerhouse.

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torreyjs3596d ago

dont care marvel sucks VS DC

BrunoM3596d ago

Done right it could be something really good ..

but not a big fan of MMO's ya lets see what comes out of these.

zornik3596d ago

Think about the power of the next Xbox and a MARVEL MMO game .......Marvelous!!!!!!!!!!

BrunoM3596d ago

is it weird that i dont get the XBOx part of your comment ? ? ?

and i dont think xbox need the next one to have an MMo and the PS3 is gating 3 of them i think one is DC Uni the other is The Agency and i think is one more cant remember tho ..

Pennywise3596d ago

Whats weird is these kids talking up the next xbox's "power" when the power is right here already with the PS3.

Live in the now, children.

BrunoM3596d ago

even tho i have the 2 of them Pennywise i got to agree af far as reall next gen for now the ps3 is king ...

but w.e people already care about the next 360 mann be happy with what u got now and that a lot if u have a ps3.

Tony P3596d ago

I'll admit I feel slightly put out seeing as this game made the jump from Cryptic to a studio of which I haven't heard. Save for LEGO Online and that doesn't exactly spur hope, does it?

Anyway, who knows when a decent Marvel MMO will come out. DC definitely got the better deal going with SOE which already has a ton of MMO experience.

A shame because I like both brands. I just hope Gazillion can impress.

ceedubya93596d ago

Well, at least we know that somebody is going to try to get this game off the ground. I'm not sure why thing didn't go through with Microsoft, but that was a missed opportunity.

In the meantime, I'm really excited about the DC offering on the PS3 and Champions online for the 360 (and PS3?). Hopefully the fees are kept in check.

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