Former Gears of War team starting work on "next-generation project"

DarkZero: "Following up on asking for new blood to join their Halo team, Microsoft Games Studio also seems to be seeking more staff to join them for a brand new project helmed by people who formerly worked on the Gears of War games. The news once again comes from a job listing that appeared on Gamastura."

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torreyjs3501d ago


Hopefully we gamers can get more good games to own/play

Jinxstar3501d ago

"next-generation project"


PtRoLLFacE3501d ago

it said Microsoft game studios so i doubt is a ps3 project, more like the next xbox 720 or what ever is going to be called

original seed3501d ago

look like Halo Wars CG clips. Hopefully the animation will run smooth also.

torreyjs3501d ago

In before sonyfanboys report and bash this article to death since its not PRO_SONY

NewZealander3501d ago

sweet, i have no idea what it could be but if its got anything to do with the GOW team im sure it will be a winner.

Deadman643501d ago

Hmmm, I wonder if they are starting development on an Xbox next game.

N4PS3G3501d ago

“use with the Unreal 3 Engine or CryEngine a plus,”

I hope they go with the cryengine...That should be awesome!

Final_Rpg3501d ago

We do not know how good the cryengine for consoles is yet. I'd wait till we see a couple of great titles produced from it first. Then again, I am sick of games coming from the Unreal engine and would rather the risk be taken.

2FootYard3501d ago

I'm interested hopefully some news about the project trickles down into my place of burial.

KionicWarlord2223501d ago

wonder what it is very secretive....

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