What to Expect from Killzone 2 DLC

Killzone 2 is finally out, and it is hot. But already, people are asking about DLC. What will it be? When can we expect it. Well, CGReviews wanted to share its two cents. Some of this is based from whispers around GG studios, but the rest of it will probably come across as common sense. Without further adieu, here are three things to expect from Killzone 2 DLC.

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Sunny_D3503d ago

I would love to have CO OP for free. HMM? How about a map pack that is exactly the opposite of the ones in the game? It would be all green and lush and colorful like uncharted. That game still has one of the best graphics this gen.

madpuppy3503d ago

Man, I want a Snowy environment to fight in!
snow drifts and heavy gusting whistling wind.
What would be cool is if there was an episode expansion that included a mission framework that Dropped your team near one of the poles to blow up a research facility
developing numerous weapon based technologies. maybe an underground cave network and possibly have the main facility inside a mountain. It would also be cool to fight winter troops. geared up in winter colors. would be a nice change.
and think of all the multiplayer levels you
could slice out of the winter maps!

actas1233503d ago

I agree. I love green environments in MP, thats why I liked COD3 MP even though the guns were crappy.


i want to have secondary fire, i miss it from the first killzone, but maybe have it as a medal or something so you have to work up to it in online, but for offline i want secondary from the start.

Cerberus21253503d ago

I'll love to play the game with a female character.Replace Sev and co with some beauties, that will make the game perfect in my eyes.

SiLeNt KNighT3503d ago

I think they will add vehicles. I don't remember the names but that walking robot and tank in single player would be fun to cruise around in. it would make more use of the rocket launcher. most of the time people kill me with it they take themselves out too. I passed on the COD4 DLC because the game was pretty boring by then. Kz2 DLC will be a for sure purchase for me. GG is doing an outstanding job providing for their customers.

I think:
-New maps for use with vehicles
-New vehicles
-Upgraded ranking
-Helghast/zombie mode

rockleex3502d ago


Seriously, no splitscreen is REALLY hurting its potential sales. I don't care if they have to tone down the graphics to COD4 level. I still want it!

Not everyone has a good enough internet connection to play online. Not everyone would want to play against bots forever. And a lot of people just prefer going face to face against their friends in the same room!

I'm all for a great online service, but don't forget about the offline!

Just look at what splitscreen did for Motorstorm 2. Its AMAZING! Its CRAZY! Its LUNATIC! Splitscreen is what Killzone 2 needs.

Beardown823502d ago

First, they need to patch the game to add a party system for multiplayer, then worry about the co-op... but if they put in some co-op that would be sweeeeeeeeeeeet!

GarandShooter3502d ago

You're right Bear. Party system/friend invites is sorely missing.

I also like the author's vision for the DLC. The only question now is...When can I get it?

Bits-N-Kibbles3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

- Split Screen offline
- 4 play splitscreen LAN
- Co-op
- Killzone 1 online maps redone for KZ2 (Vetka maps) which includes snow, jungle, city, train station, space station and warzone forest bunkers
- Introduction of new weapons or ingame or KZ1 or KZLiberation weapons
- Vehicles (if done correctly)
- Recalibrate shot gun and sentry bots strengths
- Add dedicated servers for specific online game types
- more game types
- small character customizations
- Hardcore or multi-round (no respawn) games

velaxun3502d ago

-new maps
perhaps, just depends on the style. like others have mentioned snowy maps would be fun as hell. Anything else though I think would just be too similar to what GG already has in the game.

after playing CoD4, i'm strongly against vehicles now. I find they tend to unbalance the game way too much and people rush for tanks. It's a huge problem in CoD:WaW because people rush for tanks then, circle the maps racking up kills without getting any of the objectives.

-Co op
The game is not really designed with a split-screen co op feel really. There are some parts where it would fit but I'd assume if they were to add co op to the game it would be in the vein of R2 where it runs along-side the main story

-Party options
I praise GG for the stupendous Clan support, but it's the biggest pain in the ass when you want to get together with some friends and have a quick game of coordinated ass whooping, only to wind up split up in the teams. I think party support should be their number 1 priority for future patches.

Prototype3502d ago

How about a patch for those of us who have NAT 3 and can't enjoy online because of it?

And before people start saying stupid comments where I live the apt is behind a switch and theres no way around it outside buying a $80 month Cable line which is free through my rent.

meatnormous3502d ago

Not everyone has your problem. See if your landlord will let you configure it to get you online.

bviperz3502d ago

in environments until the fight goes back to Earth or another planet. But that doesn't happen until Killzone 3. At least that's what I'm hoping for...

rockleex3502d ago

Its sad to see that people here don't want splitscreen. I guess people here haven't been to LAN parties before where you'll see Halo being hooked up with 4 players on each system.

Why does Halo sell? Because its a decent FPS that has 4 player splitscreen with LAN.

Killzone 2 sells too, but its hurting to see that a lot of people I know won't be buying it because it doesn't have splitscreen. Yea, I know you guys will probably say "well too bad, they're missing out".

Exactly! They're missing out on one of the greatest FPS ever. Why? Because of the mere fact that there's no splitscreen. If I was Geurilla, I'd be sure to release splitscreen as soon as possible.

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Kleptic3502d ago

this list is a little the guy obviously hasn't checked the official forums, or the numerous interviews with guerrilla...where there are several instances of GG more or less confirming vehicles being added to a multiplayer 'mode'...and that a fully reworked pack of 'favorites from killzone 1' was confirmed by Ebolt on the board back around launch...

PirateThom3503d ago

The style of the maps isn't as important as maintaining the balance they currently have, but definitely throw me down for "greener" environment.

RememberThe3573503d ago

That damn rocket launcher is a pain in the ass.

Kleptic3502d ago

the rocket launchers in killzone 2 are in my opinion the only flaw with the online portion of the game...the only single problem...

they NEVER should have been in there...we told them that in the beta...the assault class could be exactly the same, and only have options for not one class other than the pointless rifleman can even spawn with the LMGs...

the grenade launcher is ok I guess, takes a lot more talent to use...but the fact that GG put in a pair of over powered rocket launchers...without putting in the more modern arming mechanic (where you can only target a distant enemy with explosives like this, if they are too close...the weapon won't work) douche bags can just rush up to you and kill you and extremely disappointing...

but whatever...most servers with the best players have RL's deactivated its not really a big deal...if GG didn't listen to us about them in the first place...the community will sort of phase them out anyway...I do like that GG let their dedicated servers host custom game modes...

ssj3503d ago

So much for blu-ray.

legendkilla3503d ago

doesnt it come on a 50GB blu ray? im pretty sure is full dude

Ken92JP3503d ago

you do know each level is approximately 2gb. Without the blu-ray the game would have looked like crap (if killzone 2 was for the 360, this would be the case).

Conan9973503d ago

one of the guys from guerilla games stated KZ2 is on a 25 single layer blu ray, but its full.

he also mentioned anything less wouldn't be possible

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El_Colombiano3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Co-op wouldn't fit in the story if you ask me. They would have to add a considerable amount of new points of view if they were to add it. Sev is not always accompanied throughout the game. But I would love to see this engine with lush environments, although, Helghan isn't a planet of luchness.

da_hitman813503d ago

even though Sev is not always with someone. there are the times when he gets split up but in saying that if its done in Co-op. the person thats not playing Sev can play what the other character is playing or suppose to be doing.

Now that would be cool.

Silly gameAr3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

I bet it would be something like Resistance 1 Co-op,except you can take the campaign online. Even though it would be two of us playing, it wouldn't really effect the story line one bit.

And a snow MP map would be cool as hell. Or a swamp level. I want to see more Helgan wildlife like the giant spiders. I bet a Helgan crocodile would be f'ing HUGE.