The PSN Makes Its Way to The Top

"When the PS3 was launched in November of 2006, many people did not know what to expect. This is the first time Sony would have a console that came with online capability at launch, plus have a store to sell games and other media. The first iteration of the PlayStation store was mediocre at best, offering little to nothing as far as demos, games, and content. The PS3 also suffered from only having a hand full of launch titles and very few features that PS3 supporters expected. Firmware updates gradually added functionality and features that were initially promised at launch. There were quite a few gripes and complaints, but Sony eventually turned up the heat and started cooking."

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FPShooter3501d ago

honestly I couldn't be more happy with the PSN. I love it, and now I just look at all updates as a bonus. And to top it all off its free.

PoSTedUP3501d ago

yea i cant wait till the punisher comes out, that one; i got my eye on.

Bren863501d ago

The UK store still doesn't even have a demos tab!!!

euchreprof3501d ago

That's life in the big city.

legendkilla3501d ago

I've had my PS3 since nov 17/06. It started slow but getting better by the month now! i cant wait to see what the future holds!!

torreyjs3501d ago

misleading article title coupled with ps3 schlong sucking for site hits

pathetic at best