Halo Was Review From That Aussie Game Site

Aaron From That Aussie Game Site Writes: "Halo Wars is a bitter sweet final hurrah for Ensemble. Rather than a break out console RTS that bucks convention by actually being really good, its a sweet final fling before the studio closes their doors for good. Halo Wars also presents ample evidence that Microsoft can handle the brand responsibly without Bungie and will have many people actually anticipating the next Bungie free Halo game rather than remaining cautiously optimistic. Finally if you do decide to pick up this title it's well worth the extra few dollars for the Collectors Edition which throws in some goodies including a graphic novel by Halo scribe Eric Nylund and the first three maps of the Halo 3 Mythic map pack. If Halo is your thing you can't afford to miss Halo Wars."

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