MSNBC: Top 5 most bodacious video game guns

MSNBC writes:
Guns and video games go together like portable electronics and batteries. Bonnie and Clyde. Yin and Yang. Even Oreos and milk. The two are virtually inseparable.

But guns don't only complement the medium, they enable players to save the world from invaders, thwart fascism and compete against other headshot-hungry marksmen in a round of multiplayer. And these are the baddest ones to play with.

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DragonWarrior_43599d ago

Well mine is defintley not the lancer. Sure its cool to rip people in half, but shooting it feels like its a BB gun.

My list goes as follows.

M16 in COD4

Mega Mans Guns

Ratchets guns

007 golden gun

Squalls Gunsword.

torreyjs3599d ago

typical sonyfanboy reposnse

you probably saw msnbc and immediately said yep the wars are still continuing

I am still willing and able to sacrifice my life for the sony ps3 to end the war

ShabzS3599d ago

yeah lancer from gears and bfg from doom 3 ... maybe even the shotgun from doom 3... coz thats pretty much ur best friend up there... dual ingrams from max payne 2 was also nice

manwich253598d ago

Its about time that Serious Sam gets a little bit of respect